Additive-Free Mindset


HABA stands for 'Health Aid Beauty Aid', the founding principle of our company. It is our philosophy to pursue true beauty by maximizing skin's natural healing powers.

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the steps to healthy, attractive skin. The ingredients in HABA products are used exclusively for their role in the natural beautification of skin. Highly effective components such as Squalane; high purity squalene (sharks liver oil extract), Vitamin C derivative, bamboo extract, retinol and licorice extract help to lessen the impact on the skin caused by changes in season and physical condition. Even men can benefit from using HABA's fragrance free products. As well as skin care items, we carry make-up made from gentle, inorganic coloring agents.

Indulge your skin with HABA, and experience true beauty. 

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