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 Defining HABA

More than a name, HABA stands for 'Health Aid Beauty Aid', an ideal name that carries into our extensive line of skin care cosmetics and products. We only use ingredients that are essential to creating beautiful, healthy skin. Our philosophy is to pursue true beauty by maximizing skin's natural healing power white a simple care.

The HABA factory is located in Hokkaido, Japan, where the fresh air and natural environment provide an ideal setting for manufacturing our products. We have been headquartered in Japan for over 25 years.

All HABA products are paraben-, fragrance-, mineral oil-, chemically synthesized tar color- and petrochemical surfactant-free. (All of these common additives can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.)

We recommend taking these three basic steps to achieving beautiful, healthy skin: 1) cleansing, 2) Moisturing 3) Protection. Even with these three steps, your skin may become imbalanced due to changes in the climate or your physical condition. HABA skin care products contain highly effective components at each best-balanced percentage, while being safe to any type of skin. You can see the ingredients used like Squalane, Vitamin C derivative, retinol, coix seed oil and licorice extract in some of our main skin-care items, which can condition skin and maintain its health and beauty.

Squalene is one of the main components in our skin care products. As humans, we all have squalene in our bodies. Squalene is made up 10% sebum, a lubricant found in the sebaceous gland that works to protect the skin and keep it supple. As we age, our bodies produce less and less squalene, leading to the development of dryness, fine lines and inflexible skin.

Another pure form of squalene is shark's liver oil extract. Squalene was discovered in Japan in 1906 by Dr. Tsujimoto. For many years, Japanese fishermen would use this extract for its healing and health benefits, while the same usage has been seen in various places in the world. Later, in 1930, scientists conducted extensive research into the benefits of squalene, after noting the apparent immunity of sharks to cancer and other diseases.

As well as skin care products, HABA also carries additive free makeup and cosmetics for sensitive skin, made with skin-friendly inorganic coloring agents. Our lineup of cosmetics is absolutely fragrance free and devoid of tar coloring, so even those of us with the most sensitive skin can benefit form these outstanding beatification products.

Please take the time to discover all of the wonderful additive free makeup and skin care products we offer.

We promise you’ll love them!!!!

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