Are the oil blotting sheets for oily skin only?

No, it can be used when you are on the run and need to blot the sweat off your face. Your make up will stay intact and you will lose the sweaty shine.

How can I use the point pack sheets?

You should moisten an individual sheet with one of HABA skin care products (Fair Lady, G or VC-lotion) and apply under each eyes area down over your cheeks. (or any dry area where needed) Pat them in place and leave on for 2 to 5 minutes for a mini facial treatment.

Why does HABA make separate cases for many of their make-up products?

After receiving customer input on how they wanted to be able to carry eye shadows and blushes they had applied that day, in January of 2003 Haba decided to make a portable and detachable case to give our customers the luxury of making their own original color palette set of their favorite colors. A small magnet is attached to the bottom of the case, with a small strip of metal on bottom of each color to enable you to attach and detach colors when ever you want.

What does the word "Squa" mean that is before your make-up sponges?

It means the sponges are treated with squalane. They are Squalane-treated to make them soft and smooth on your skin as you put on your make-up.

How often should I change my face sponge?

We recommend that you change your face sponges at least every few months. You should wash your sponges once a week. Bacteria can grow on the sponge surface without us even knowing it. For your skin's health, we sell them separately so you change them when needed. As for the other brushes we sell, we recommend you wash your cheek and lip brush when needed and maybe change every 6 to 9 months. Our eye shadow applicator should be changed every few months also since it is close to your eyes.

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