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My hair feels dry when I use SQUA SHAMPOO LAVENDER.

HABA SHAMPOO is a soap shampoo which is made from a vegetable soap base. As it has high detergency and cleans extremely well, your hair may feel a little drier or squeaky if you have been using other brands of shampoo for a long time. With continual use it won't be long until your hair gets used to it leaving your hair clean and healthy. Be sure to use HABA SQUA RINSE LAVENDER containing Squalane to moisturize and condition. Before your hair adjust, you can avoid those dry feelings by applying more conditioner or applying HABA hair treatment frequently. You could also take care of dry hair ends with Squalane or use Squalane as a conditioner. A benefit is that these soaps are safe for the environment.

I get static electricity in my hair. do you have a product for that?

Try HABA Fresh Hair Mist. Smoothing the surface of the hair, the mist untangles and prevents static electricity. It contains Squalane to moisturize and leave shiny. The natural lavender aroma is very refreshing.

My skin is dry and sensitive. Do you have a soap I can use on my body?

HABA SILKY LATHER SOAP is an original HABA product. This formula uses natural vegetable oil and fat soap that washes away impurities but leaves the skin soft and supple. It contains Squalane to moisturize your body. After you bathe try HABA BODY MILK ESSENCE containing squalane, peach leaf extract and perilla herb to further gently moisturize your skin.

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