What does it mean, "make-up with inorganic colors"?

It was a conscious choice by HABA, knowing how harsh organic colors were on skin, to surmount the difficulties of making a make-up with only inorganic coloring matter. Most organic colors are tar color. They are chemically synthesized from petroleum. They have the property of dissolving in water and oils so they may adhere and penetrate the skin acting as an irritant It was often thought that if it was attempted to create colors only with inorganic matters, such problems as dark tone colors, poor adherence, and weakness of color, etc. will arise ---. For this reason, it was a widely held view in the cosmetic industry that bringing a product only with inorganic coloring matters to market was almost impossible. HABA has succeeded with cutting-edge technology without those disadvantages resulting. We have created subtle, light and deep color tones with good adherence as well as being healthy for you skin.

What are inorganic colors that are in HABA make-up?

They are coloring matters that are extracted from natural earth, stones, and rocks (mineral colors) The impurities are removed by crushing and refining them. The main feature is the insolubility in both water and oil. They are less irritating to the skin because when applied for makeup, they do not adhere to the skin but are rather superimposed upon it.

Why are there oils in HABA make-up?

Our makeup products moisturize while you are using them in addition to being gentle to the skin. HABA uses oils of high purity with no fragrance. We have been very careful to avoid mineral oils that may irritate the skin. We use macadamia ternifolia seed oil and in some product a coconut oil. We also added Squalane abundantly. Squalene oil leaves the skin well moisturized and soft.

I heard that talc used in cosmetics could be cancer-causing. Do HABA products contain such an ingredient although you declare a non-additives mindset?

It is reported that the substance which causes cancer is asbestos and it was contained in certain varieties of talc. Talc that we use for our products must be approved by the Ministry of Health in Japan and must be virtually free from asbestos by undergoing a talc refining process. We only use the talc which has been safety assured. Talc is found in almost any powdery make-up product you use and commonly found in baby powder.

What would you recommend as base for O/W FOUNDATION?

HABA's make-up base is designed to prime skin for make-up application. It covers dullness and evens skin tone. We have two types: MAKE-UP BASE LIGHT EMULTSION for oily skin type to absorb excess oil and tighten pores; and MAKE-UP BASE ENRICHED CREAM for dry skin to moisturize and firm skin. You can also use UV PROTECT or SUSCREEN STICK if you are concerned about UV.

Also WHITE KNIGHT contains ingredients which keep the skin fresh. Although this is not a make-up base, some clients with very oily skin, suggest it helps make-up stay on well and last longer.

Nail polish turns my nails yellow, does HABA's do that?

HABA's NAIL COLOR is very gentle to your nails with newly-developed water emulsion formula that is odorless and won't stain your nails. It contains CALCIUM to strengthen and Vitamin B5 to promote growth. Please try HABA NAIL POLISH REMOVER. This treatment remover contains squalane to nourish and moisturize the nails themselves. Acetone-free makes it virtually odorless.

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