2-WAY GEL 120g / 4.2oz
2-WAY GEL 120g / 4.2oz 2-WAY GEL 120g / 4.2oz

2-WAY GEL 120g / 4.2oz

Gel mask that naturally heats to clean clogged pores and remove dead skin cells. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. 

Rinse-away thermal pack.

Softens and hydrates skin. 

The coating effect of the thermal gel opens pores that have hardened due to dryness, and completely removes clogged dirt. Rich in squalane, the moisturizing effect of this gel is also impressive. The application of makeup will greatly improve.


How to use:

Wipe off any moisture from your face and hands after washing your face. Apply an amount the size of a cherry, and smooth evenly over the face. Rinse the gel off after 2~3 mins. The skin will feel soft and moisturized.





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