[LIMITED] LIQUID ROUGE -Champagne Red- (Unboxed)
[LIMITED] LIQUID ROUGE -Champagne Red- (Unboxed) [LIMITED] LIQUID ROUGE -Champagne Red- (Unboxed) [LIMITED] LIQUID ROUGE -Champagne Red- (Unboxed)

[LIMITED] LIQUID ROUGE -Champagne Red- (Unboxed)

-LIQUID ROUGE features a creamy coverage, the exceptional color of a lipstick, and  the luster and moisture of a lip gloss

-Collagen and hyaluronic acid thoroughly hydrate the skin and provide a resilience  that bounces back from inside the skin.

-The gold pearl effect conceals vertical lines on the lips, and the champagne red color  adds elegance to your mouth's contour.      

Adjust the amount dispensed at the opening of the container.                                                
Enjoy a variety of looks by adjusting the amount dispensed and the placement of the rouge (applying just to the center of the lips, for example.)                                                  
*Remove with cleanser after use.                                                      

Wrapped in a plastic                                                                       



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