-Squalane-formulated body milk thoroughly hydrates the whole body, enhancing the skin’s resilience.

-Its smooth texture never becomes greasy, while its long-lasting hydration effect protects the whole body from wintry-dry conditions.

-The moisturizing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, ceramide (Rice bran sphingoglycolipid), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), and camellia japonica flower extract promote the skin’s resilience and youthfulness.

-The natural essential oils of orange, bitter orange, lemon, lime, ylang-ylang, litsea cubeba, gypsophila (juniperus mexicana oil), coriander, basil and vetiver are combined together to yield an aromatic fragrance that caresses and relaxes your mind.



Smooth an appropriate amount over your body after taking a bath or shower.



  • Rice-derived ceramide (Rice bran sphingoglycolipid)

Ceramides, which constitute a large part of intercellular lipids, retain moisture in the skin, and its barrier function protects the skin against irritations, such as 

dirty air and UV rays.

  • Camellia japonica flower extract

Camellia flowers have been used as a crude drug under the name of Sasanqua since ancient times. According to Zhongyao Dacidian (Encyclopedia of Chinese Materia Medica), camellia japonica flower extract has been recognized as a Chinese medicine throughout the ages. Its use in cosmetics should promise an excellent moisturizing effect.




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