SQUALANE OIL MASK ( 5 sheets )
SQUALANE OIL MASK ( 5 sheets ) SQUALANE OIL MASK ( 5 sheets ) SQUALANE OIL MASK ( 5 sheets )

SQUALANE OIL MASK ( 5 sheets )

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*The sheet mask contains HABA’s SQUALANE. It softens the hard, rough skin caused by the deterioration in the skin’s metabolism that comes with aging. A beauty mask saturated with rich squalane oil provides luster to the skin, eliminating a dull complexion caused by dryness.
* The squalane, with which the mask is richly saturated, is absorbed effortlessly throughout the stratum corneum without causing a greasy feel to the skin.
* Squalane softens the skin, and its vehicle effect helps moisturizing ingredients, such as ceramide and camellia japonica flower extract, remain in the skin for a long time.
* Contains vitamin C derivatives.
* Squalane strengthens the skin’s barrier function to protect the skin against irritations, such as daytime UV rays, dryness, and dirty air.

●Rice-derived ceramide (Rice bran sphingoglycolipid)
Ceramides, which constitute a large part of intercellular lipids, retain moisture in the skin, and its barrier function protects the skin against irritations, such as dirty air and UV rays.

●Camellia japonica flower extract
Camellia flowers have been used as a crude drug under the name of Sasanqua since ancient times. According to Zhongyao Dacidian (Encyclopedia of Chinese Materia Medica), camellia japonica flower extract has been recognized as a Chinese medicine throughout the ages. Its use in cosmetics should promise an excellent moisturizing effect.


[Directions]: Wash or cleanse your face. Remove the mask from the pack. Apply it on your face, adjusting the position of openings in the mask made for the eyes. Press down the mask with your hands to spread it evenly over your face, making sure that it adheres to your skin. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Remove the mask and use the palms of your hands to massage the remaining serum into the skin.

[STEP 1] Face Wash or Cleansing


[STEP 2] Moisturizing or Toner




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