Umino Houseki Koujun 20G
Umino Houseki Koujun 20G Umino Houseki Koujun 20G Umino Houseki Koujun 20G

Umino Houseki Koujun 20G

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New type of squalane paste.

(1) Fusion of squalane and six types of beauty essence.

Squalane +
Astaxanthin, Licorice-derived ingredient, Vitamin EC combo, Vitamin E, Human-type ceramide, Coenzyme Q10 

(2) Relieves dryness and enhances firmness and clarity.

Six ageing care ingredients, including the high-profile astaxanthin Eincluded for its antioxidant potency, Vitamin EC combo, and coenzyme Q10 for moisturizing, are added to squalane paste, UMI NO HOUSEKI.

A Fusion of nature's bounties and science allow long-lasting hydration along with improved clarity and firmness.

(3) Light feel is never greasy.

It smoothly spreads over even dry areas providing long-lasting hydration. So new that it can be used even before makeup. The non-greasy light feel wraps gently around your dry skin.

This squalane paste is safe to use even over sensitive areas caused by roughness or irritations.

Directions: After the 3 step routine, apply on area concerned for dryness. Take an appropriate amount and thinly smooth out with fingertip.



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