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 VC LOTION is an alcohol-free toner containing 2% vitamin c derivative.HABA's original moisturizing agent,Ceramide nanosome provides deeper and longer-lasting moisture. It prevents blemishes from forming and creates a clear and translucent skin. Recommended for those concerned about dark spots and freckles caused by chapped skin and sunburn. 


Directions: Pour a generous amount into palms and apply by patting on face. Repeat application five times until skin feels hydrated.


Vitamin c derivative
Natural vitamin c is normally prone to be oxidized and unable to easily penetrate the skin. With vitamin c and minerals combined together, vitamin c derivative has more suitable effects and enhanced permeability. 


Ceramide nanosome
Ceramide(rice bran sphingoglycolipid) is made into nano-sized capsules(100 to 150nm). It acts as an intercellular "glue Eto bind corneum cells. The capsules are small enough to penetrate into stratum corneum deeply. Therefore, moisture lasts for a long time.


 - Recommended for Normal, Combination, dry skin






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